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Tỉnh khác Drift Boss: Exciting Drift Challenge.


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Drift Boss is an exciting 3D driving game where you will control powerful sports cars and perform spectacular drifts on many different tracks. The game offers a realistic drifting experience with beautiful graphics, an easy control system and many attractive features.


The goal of Drift Boss is to score the highest score by performing perfect drifts. You will need to control your car precisely, coordinating smoothly between the steering wheel and the throttle to maintain the slide and earn bonus points.

How to play:

Control the car with the left and right arrow buttons.
Press the accelerator button to accelerate.
Press the brake button to decelerate and steer.
Use the drift button to perform a drift.


Beautiful and vivid 3D graphics.
The control system is simple and easy to use.
Many different sports cars to choose from.
Many racing tracks with different difficulties.
Diverse game modes: Career mode, time attack mode, free play mode.
Vehicle upgrade system to increase performance.
Online rankings to compete with other players.

You can start playing it here: -> Drift Boss

Wish you have fun gaming moments!

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