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Toàn quốc Empty calories - the cult that makes you unable to lose weight


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Empty calories - the cult that makes you unable to lose weight

"Habits" are always a two-way sword, we can make ourselves better but can also make you "deteriorate".

Consuming empty calorie foods is one of the habits you should quit if you want better health and faster weight loss.

Panorama Slim will evaluate some foods containing empty calories that you often eat!!!

Contains a lot of Carbohydrates: cakes, candy, snacks,...

Canned, processed foods and spices: ketchup, chili sauce, meat sauce,...

Canned drinks: soft drinks, juices fruits,...

Products made from meat: bacon, sausage,...

Foods containing high fat content: butter, cream, fresh milk,...

Fast food: pizza, sandwiches, fries,...

Alcoholic beverages: wine, beer, fermented fruit juice

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