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Hồ Chí Minh IELTS Example Speaking Task 2 - Describe an important event

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1. Cách diễn đạt cảm xúc khi gặp một sự kiện
  • …gave me sense of achievement: …. cho tôi cảm giác thành tích
  • nervous: lo lắng
  • anxious: lo lắng
  • embarassed: xấu hổ
  • delighted: vui mừng
  • over the moon: rất vui
  • terrified: kinh hoàng
  • surprised: ngạc nhiên
  • …come as a surprise to someone: …. là một bất ngờ cho ai đó
  • Looking back at it,……….: Khi nhìn lại hồi đó, ……….
  • I still remember vividly / I can still recall vividly …: Tôi vẫn nhớ rất rõ / Tôi vẫn có thể nhớ lại một cách sống động
  • Regarding my feelings about that event, ….: Về cảm nhận của tôi về sự kiện đó, ….
2. Diễn biến của sự kiện
  • Moving on to the details, …
  • Moving onto what happened on that day, ….
  • After that/ Later on/ Subsequently, …
  • Next/ Following that,…
  • Once …..had been finished, ….
3. Giải thích vì sao đây là một sự kiện đáng nhớ của bạn
  • The reason why …. is one of my most memorable events is that ….: lí do tại sao … là một trong những sự kiện đáng nhớ nhất của tôi là…
  • What makes …… such an unforgettbale/ special event is that …: điều khiến …. một sự kiện không thể quên/ đặc biệt đó là …
  • There are several things that made ….. such a memorable day.: có một vài điều khiến …. một ngày đáng nhớ của tôi
  • Turning point: bước ngoặt
  • ….is one of the most important milestones in everyone’s life: … là một trong những cột mốc quan trọng trong cuộc đời mỗi người
  • It marked the transition from… to ….: nó đánh dấu bước chuyển giao từ … sang …
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Bài trả lời mẫu
Describe an important event that you celebrated in your life
You should say

  • What it was
  • Where it happened
  • Why it was important
  • How people felt about it
Sample Answer
I’m going to tell you about a very special event in American culture, the sixteenth birthday which we refer to as the “Sweet Sixteen”. This tends to be an extravagant birthday party, as it is a rite of passage (a big life event) into adulthood. Now, let me tell you about mine.
Well, since my mother passed away just three years before my sixteenth birthday, my two aunts, cousins, and my sister wanted to make sure that this was an unforgettable day for me. To my surprise, my aunts booked a limousine for us girls to go have an upscale (fancy) dinner at the downtown harbor in Baltimore, Maryland. I put on my finest dress, which was a deep navy blue color which accentuated (highlighted; draws attention to) my eyes, with a pair of shiny silver heel which matched with my jewelry. I felt on top of the world (extremely happy)!
This was an important day for me, as I had all the closest female family members there with me. I feel that sixteen is a turning point in life, as I started to feel more like a woman rather than a girl. Since I lived in the countryside and didn’t often have the chance to go into the city, this was a luxury for me. All in all, it was a day that made me feel very special, which was good luck as I entered into my womanhood.
In American culture, people tend to put a lot of emphasis on their sixteenth birthdays. There are even TV shows with girls, usually very spoiled (people who have a lot, usually rich), planning their parties. As sixteen is the age where you are able to get your driver’s license, there is a lot of pressure on parents to buy their children a car. Simply put, it’s a day of high expectations and life changes.

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